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MT4 Orders Notification EA


In this article I'll explain about this MT4 orders notification EA.

Many forex traders are using copy trading systems, automate trading robots, local trade copiers for trading activity. One of the main barrier for them is they don't know what's going on MT4. This is simple solution comes to you, as you can get instant updates about each new trades & closed trade.

How it works?
As you can see in this video, EA send instant notifications on each new orders as well as soon after order get closed. Notification are sent to your telegram app which is most trusted mobile messenger app by forex traders.

Download link?
You can download this EA on & it have lifetime free version for simple traders.

Free & paid versions?
Free version send notifications without orders details in notification text. It' just help you to know that, changes are happening on your MT4. But if you would like to have complete order details in your notification text, you can consider buying paid version. 

How to setup?
Download product .zip file & extract on your hard drive. It have guide.txt file with all the instructions which you need to setup the EA.

Share this products with your friends. Contact us for more details & we'll update article with FAQ.

Happy Trading!


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